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February 20, 2014

Exercise: An objective POV

by Suzy Walker-Toye

For the exercise on page 29, we look back at the previous exercise which was all imagined as subjective point of view (POV), i.e. the viewer is the protagonist. For this we look at the same exercise from an objective pov. This time I imagined my husband as the alcoholic in question (because he will be my model in the shots and not because I’ve finally driven him to drink).

Here are the same storyboards sketched from this new POV. And what they represent (because my drawing needs captions)!

Storyboard sketch

First he’s looking around his empty room. He sees the bottle and he gets up and heads towards the camera. Close up of him opening the bottle. To stress his total focus is on that. He glances around at sometime and pauses for a beat or two but nothing happens, this would be a wider shot. He gets back on with the business of drinking.

(Still todo – record the sequence and post it into this blogpost)