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April 5, 2014

Exercise: Spaces

by Suzy Walker-Toye

Project 6 – Mise-en-scène

The term mise-en-scène can be literally translated as ‘putting in the scene’. It refers to the placement of objects, and the arrangement of space within a frame. The term originates in the theatre where all perceived space has to be represented in a fixed frame, ie the stage. The arrangement of items and actors may produce a cosy living room or a battle raging over a mountain range, both contained in the same absolute physical space.

The mise-en-scène can also affect the overall atmosphere and meaning of a shot. A cluttered crowded space has a different feel to an open exposed place. The placing of different items within the space can change the emphasis placed on them. Items in the centre and foreground are likely to be more noticeable than items at the back or edges of the frame.

(source: p35 of course notes)

This exercise (p37) is about the atmosphere of a space.

Capture four shots that have the following feel about them:
• An oppressive, cluttered space
• An open, honest, simple space containing one intriguing item
• A stark, empty hostile space
• A warm, friendly, cosy space

Cluttered space

Above is my cluttered, oppressive space. It feels oppressive to me because there is so much stuff crowding in and a sense of disorganisation. This is amplified by the clock ticking away – so much stuff to do and time is running out. (This is my desk btw which is why I mostly sit on the couch with my laptop).

Open space

Above is my open, honest, simple space containing one intriguing item. After I took it I thought the mix of lighting was a bit weird, I was originally thinking that the daylight would make it look more open (which I think it does) but it sort of clashes a bit with the colour temp of the halogens (despite my trying to even them a little in Lightroom).

Stark space

This is my A stark, empty hostile space, I thought of waiting rooms and institutional spaces. The cat box got me thinking about the vets (although I didn’t tell my model that). I’ve make the colour temp a bit colder to give it a more institutional, strip-lit look.

Warm comfy space

This is my warm, friendly, cosy space. I left the book where it was rather than remove it to give the impression the owner has just stepped out for a moment. The soft cushions and sprawling cat look pretty comfy and inviting to me. I pushed the colour temp a little warmer to over egg the feeling.