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November 12, 2013

Emotive Frames

by Suzy Walker-Toye

On p24 of the course notes we’re asked to pick a few emotive frames from movies we’ve watched… here’s a couple which sprang to my mind.

The Grudge

The Grudge movie screenshot

This film scared the absolute crap out if me and I haven’t watched another horror flick since but I do love this frame. You see the little boy looking though the banister from a viewpoint below him. He’s obviously terrified by what he sees (due to his wide-eyed expression & hand tightly gripping the banister), the frame is intense and focused right in on him (so close that the top of his head & hand are chopped out of frame). The whole frame is on the slant because we’re looking up at him watching down from a slight angle.

Kill bill

Kill Bill Movie screenshot

This frame is from kill bill part 1, where the Bride gets beaten almost to death. It’s the reason for the whole revenge filled double feature.

In this frame, it’s a tight crop, intensely emotional. You can see a part of her veil so even if you’d not seen the film you could see she’s a badly beaten bride. She’s looking off to one side in despair, for some reason I can’t work out the fact she’s looking off to the side of the frame she’s nearest to seems to intensify that.


Thor movie screenshot

This is a very call to action shot, the frame shows the view from behind Thor while he holds his iconic hammer aloft before the whole court of Asgard. The people in the frame run off all sides suggesting a massive crowd so even if you’ve never seen the film or heard of Thor you can instantly tell from this frame that he is come kind of warrior/ruler.

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