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November 5, 2013

Subjective Viewpoint

by Suzy Walker-Toye

The recent exercises have been about a subjective viewpoint (first person view). I remember the first time I’d seen that sort of filming was for the prodigy music video (smack my b**** up) (please note that link is not safe for work, it’s the uncensored version of a video that was banned from MTV for its nudity, violence and drug use)

It plays on gender stereotypes and uses the usual form of subjective view character reveal – the mirror, to add a twist at the end.

Today I watched the first episode of peepshow (from the Filmography of this course). This uses mirrors & reflective surfaces such as windows so you see who the character is but also multiple character first person views. As the next person is talking you see that person from the other characters pov, sometimes even with an accompanied inner monologue. It was interesting and very clever but I didn’t find it realistic viewing, it sort of comes across as gimmicky after a while. It reminded me of beer-vision (pretty much what the prodigy video plays upon) where you focus down onto only one thing with narrowed focus because you’re drunk.